Blast off winter watermarks with a pressure clean

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Water staining and algae trails are the trademark of winter months gone by. Once spring has arrived and the warmer days begin to roll on in, you’ll no doubt begin to notice the exterior of your home may be looking worse for wear, or at the very least in need of a refreshing spring clean. We can help with any of the following problems that might affect your home exterior:

  • Water-spout marking
  • Spider webs and Bird Droppings
  • Gutter Marking
  • Mould and Mildew residue
  • Moss and Organic growth
  • …and much more.

Don’t re-paint! Try Professional pressure Cleaning!

You may be tempted to bypass the trouble of scrubbing down, but we thoroughly recommend that you try pressure cleaning first- you may be pleasantly surprised! Most people who choose our services are so pleased with the end result, they realise that re-painting is a job that can be put off until their home exterior actually needs it.

Why DIY is Dangerous.

If you’ve got better things to do than wrestle with a bucket and scrubbing brush while balancing on a ladder, let the professionals help. While water staining and algae trails left by ongoing rain or spouting lines can be difficult to remove, we make light work of what can take you hours.

Amazing Results in Record Time.

Unless you’ve got all the appropriate equipment and a few hours of time up your sleeve, it’s not recommended that you take on washing down the exterior of your home. The Pressure Clean Experts will arrive at your home with all the tools we need to make a difference you won’t believe. We work quietly, quickly and we only require a water outlet to bring your home exterior up to an incredible standard.

Safe, Effective, Non-toxic Pressure Cleaning

Our pressure cleaning systems are the safest, cleanest and most environmentally friendly available on the market.  Our products won’t:

  • Harm the Environment
  • Damage your Garden
  • Compromise our Waterways
  • Create noise pollution in your neighbourhood
  • Create more mess or the need for a clean-up afterwards.

In fact, water pressure beats most methods of cleaning WITHOUT using chemicals or abrasive substances to remove stains. Instead, pressure cleaning relies of forceful water jets that loosen the microscopic particles which make up a stain, and the ongoing pressure removes it completely from the surface in question.

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