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What Are Your Options For Cleaning Your Driveway? Cleaning: Some of us love it and some of us hate it! However, it is one of those things in life that comes with home ownership. Luckily, we are here to help!  Our expert team have some options below to assist you with cleaning your driveway. Keeping … Read more

High Pressure Cleaning

The Pressure Clean Experts are your local Sunshine Coast pressure cleaning service provider [Updated 30/8/2018] It is important to remember that although you can purchase high pressure cleaning equipment privately, your property will receive the best clean if you choose to hire a trained and highly skilled professional. The Pressure Clean Experts offer a range … Read more

Roof cleaning and safety

Leave the eaves to the the pros: the hazards of DIY roof cleaning Like dirty clothes, no one enjoys a dirty roof. It’s not just the house proud among us; a mouldy roof is simply not attractive. And it’s not just visual either, as the grime on terracotta tiles or colourbond roofs can hide damage … Read more

Fence Cleaning Tips

Top tips for pressure cleaning your fence Over time, your outdoor fencing can look as dull as the dust and grime it collects on its surface. This darkened look is dirty and can really take away from the gleam of your house. But don’t fret – your fencing can easily be cleaned with a pressure … Read more

Areas that benefit from pressure cleaning

Recreational and commercial areas that can benefit from pressure cleaning Due to the fast, effective and environmentally friendly nature of Commercial Pressure cleaning, it is often the favoured method of thorough cleaning for many recreational and commercial areas.  The Pressure Clean Experts in South East Queensland service a wide range of recreational facilities and commercial … Read more

Roof Cleaning

Everyone knows that cleaning up around the house is absolutely necessary, both for aesthetic and health reasons. Everyone also knows that cleaning can be a chore. Dusting, scrubbing the tiles in the shower, washing dishes and vacuuming all take time and elbow grease. But there’s one often neglected region of the house that is important … Read more

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