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Benefits of High Pressure Cleaning

Benefits There are many benefits of high pressure cleaning. They include: Easily removes stubborn stains and grime. It is particularly effective in removing mineral and lime deposits that occur over time. Ecological alternative: does not use harsh chemicals that will be destructive to the natural environment. High pressure cleaning only

Handy Cleaning Tips 2

Labels Sticky labels can be removed with ease by rubbing Eucalyptus Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Acetone, Brasso or even Mr Sheen on the sticky area. Laminex Toothpaste rubbed on the stain with a soft cloth removes most stains. Mirrors To prevent Mirrors from steaming and fogging up rub mirror with

Handy Cleaning Tips 1

Adhesive Marks. Methylated Spirits or De-Solve-It. Ants. Toothpaste rubbed on the stain with a soft cloth removes most stains. Bat/Bird Droppings. When fresh wash immediately with water. If dried, scrape of excess droppings and wash away with detergent and water. A few drops of ammonia added to the water will

High Pressure Cleaning

The Pressure Clean Experts offer a range of high pressure cleaning services for both commercial and private properties. We can perform high-pressure water cleaning services on most surfaces. Our services are varied and are dependant on the type of surface that you wish to have cleaned. We offer the following