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Should I seal my driveway or paths?

In a word: YES!

Sealing a driveway or paved area helps protect the surface. The best time to seal is when the paths are new. If you have a good relationship with your builder, ask to have your paths and driveways sealed before you take possession of the property. For established homes or businesses it is worth considering sealing after a thorough clean.

It is important to note that this is not driveway resurfacing but rather a sealing product designed to prolong the life and look of your brand new or recently cleaned driveway, pavement or concrete surface. This will help to reduce cleaning time, cost and essentially keep at bay the need to resurface your driveway in the future.

Benefits of Concrete Driveway Sealing

Putting a protective layer over the surface won’t stop the surface getting dirty. You may have been told that sealing will stop the surface getting dirty: this isn’t true.

However, a sealed surface is easier to clean and will last better and look “newer” for longer. Effectively, the special pavement and concrete sealer we use, like for concrete driveway sealing in Brisbane, will prevent water, car fluids, food etc from staining.

This means that you won’t need to clean as as often! For general maintenance, you might find that hosing off your driveway will keep most of the dirt away. However, we do recommend a thorough pressure clean every couple of years.

Considerations for Concrete Sealing in Queensland

No surface protection lasts forever. In the Sunshine Coast (and the whole of Queensland really) it is worth considering resealing about every 3 to 4 years. Another benefit of sealing is that the growth of mould is inhibited because sealing creates a moisture barrier on the surface.

The process for sealing is first to clean thoroughly and apply a mould treatment. Whatever is left on the surface will be sealed in, so you need to be happy that the surface being sealed is completely cleaned.

Our Driveway Sealing Product

  • Preserves the cleanliness of your concrete surface for longer
  • Pavement and driveway sealant that dries quickly for less inconvenience
  • Low emissions for low environmental impact
  • Low gloss and non-slippery

A lot of time was spent researching a suitable product. Many surface sealers have toxic vapours.

Our goal was to find an effective product that wasn’t environmentally intrusive and one that kept inconvenience to a minimum.

The sealer used by us has low gloss and penetrates so that the surface is not slippery. The good news: generally, you’ll be able to use the sealed surface within 24 hours so there isn much inconvenience for you.

When the correct sealant is applied, your driveway will be more resistant to stain and the cleanability of your driveway will be improved. Resealing is necessary when signs of wear and weathering become evident.

If your driveway appears faded, but darkens when wet, this is a general sign that the driveway needs resealing. If you are unsure of the condition of the sealant on your driveway, we are very happy in sharing our years of experience with you to help.

Why Choose The Pressure Clean Experts?

– The best products
– Guarantee great results
– Excellent rates

After years of perfecting our concrete and driveway sealing process, we are confident that we provide the #1 driveway sealing service on the Sunshine Coast. The finished result will be free of fine cracks that are caused when the sealant dries too quickly.

You can also be sure that your driveway will be free of small bubbles that are created when an applicator is pushed too hard during the application process. For the best results – trust The Pressure Clean Experts.

With a dedication to meet your expectations, you’ll be more than satisfied with the high standard of our services.

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