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Top tips for pressure cleaning your fence

Over time, your outdoor fencing can look as dull as the dust and grime it collects on its surface. This darkened look is dirty and can really take away from the gleam of your house.

But don’t fret – your fencing can easily be cleaned with a pressure cleaner, making it shine like new. We’ve come up with some pressure cleaning tips to get your fence looking like it was just installed.

Tips for pressure cleaning your fence:

Choose the right pressure cleaner

Go to a hardware store to rent or buy a pressure cleaner and opt for an electric style cleaner. The petrol-powered cleaners can often be too strong for fence cleaning. Water pressure power ranging between 500 to 800psi is about right for pressure cleaning your fence.

Make sure you have the right nozzle

There are various nozzles that you can attach to your pressure cleaner before you clean. Try the 15 degree attachments if your fence is particularly grimy, and the 25 degree nozzles if the dirt isn’t so stuck on.

Be careful how you wash

Stand about 1.5 metres away from the fence, and have the nozzle around 1.2m from the fence to clean it. Start further away and move in closer to discover the best distance to spray the water. When you clean, a fan shaped spray should come out of your nozzle with enough force to clean the grime off your fence. Use an arching motion to spray the water.

Use water at the right temperature

Cold water is much better than hot water for pressure cleaning. Hot water can damage the wood or other material of your fence, making it difficult to paint or seal in the future.

Protect the ground

It’s best to use plastic sheeting around the area you’re cleaning so that you don’t damage the grass beneath it.

Safety first

Wear goggles to protect your eyes and don’t ever point the pressure cleaner at any people or pets – it could hurt them. Also avoid spraying anywhere there is electricity.

And there you have it – everything you need to know about pressure cleaning your fence. If you think it’s still going to be a tough job, leave it to the experts instead. A professional pressure cleaner can do the job for you, making your work much easier.

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