Handy Cleaning Tips

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Adhesive Marks. Methylated Spirits or De-Solve-It.
Ants. Toothpaste rubbed on the stain with a soft cloth removes most stains.
Bat/Bird Droppings. When fresh wash immediately with water. If dried, scrape of excess droppings and wash away with detergent and water. A few drops of ammonia added to the water will remove the stain.
Carpet. If the carpet has been flattened by heavy furniture, place some ice cubes on the flattened carpet and when the ice cubes melt the carpet will raise.
Wine Stains. Immediately after the spillage occurs, use soda water together with a paper towel to blot the stain being careful not to spread the stain. I the stain is dried dampen the stain and cover the stain with Borax. Leave the Borax until dry then wipe away.
Fruit Juice. Mix one tablespoon of Borax with half a litre of water and sponge over the stained area.
Dog Urine. Sponge with white vinegar then spray carpet with ‘Windex’ or similar window cleaning agent.
Lipstick. Dab the lipstick with Eucalyptus.
Oil. If spilt, sprinkle powder on the stain to absorb the oil, then sponge with Eucalyptus or Cream of Tarter. Leave for a day then vacuum.
Vomit/Excreta. Remove all solid matter and mop up excess moisture before blotting with white vinegar or soda water. A few drops of ‘Nilodor’ will neutralize the odour.
Doors. A damp cloth is normally sufficient. For more ingrained stains use a spray on cleaner or crème cleaner.
Drains. Pour a small amount of bleach or white vinegar down the drains to clean them or remove any build-up. Drainex is also very effective.
Flies. Crushed mint on the kitchen bench will deter flies from entering the room. Bay leaves on windowsills is also a good deterrent. Mint is also an effective natural deterrent for fleas.
Furniture Legs. To prevent furniture legs from leaving marks on floors, leg patches can be purchased from numerous retail outlets or small pieces of carpet can be glued to the bottom of the legs.
Grouting. A soft brush with Epsom Salts removes residue.
Guttering. Gutters should be cleaned at regular intervals. Lack of cleaning will result in possible damage to facia and internal ceilings. Call us to help!
Hairspray. Hairspray marks from mirrors can be removed by rubbing a soft cloth dipped in Methylated Spirits.
Insects/Pests. Sprinkled Borax Powder around skirting is an excellent repellent for pests and insects.
Kitty Litter. Kitty litter is great for soaking up spilt engine oil on driveways etc. Also great in BBQ’s for soaking up dripping oil.




Labels Sticky labels can be removed with ease by rubbing Eucalyptus Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Acetone, Brasso or even Mr Sheen on the sticky area.
Laminex Toothpaste rubbed on the stain with a soft cloth removes most stains.
Mirrors To prevent Mirrors from steaming and fogging up rub mirror with Glycerine and polish off with soft cloth.
Oil Spills Concrete Mix six parts of Kerosene to one part Detergent. Leave for approximately five minutes before hosing off.
Oven A damp cloth sprinkled with Baking Soda is effective in removing grease and stains from the glass. Warm the oven for 15 minutes and turn off before commencing the cleaning of the inside of the oven. Place full strength ammonia in a small dish on the top shelf and a bowl of boiling water on the bottom shelf. Close the oven door and leave overnight. Before commencement of cleaning the following morning, open oven door and leave for 30 minutes, before washing off grease with detergent and hot water. Orange peel heated in the oven will remove odours. Use Cloudy Ammonia for cleaning oven racks, trays and range-hood filters, by soaking overnight then wiping away grease.
Rubber Stains Remove rubber stains with Tea Tree Oil.
Rust Cut a lemon in half, dip the raw edge in salt and rub over the affected area then rinse with cold water. Or dip a cloth in Vinegar cleaning the affected area before rinsing with cold water. Can also be used on sinks and washtubs.
Sand Sand is a natural absorbent and can be used for absorbing oil etc on outdoor areas.
Tiles For glazed tiles use a soft dry cloth to wipe over with Kerosene. If the tiles are unglazed use a mixture of Linseed Oil and Turpentine wiped with a soft cloth.
Toilet To remove stains, cover with bleach or toilet cleaner and leave overnight. Use Toilet brush to remove build-up before flushing toilet. To avoid build-up under the seat, remove the lid by unscrewing the two wing-nuts at the rear of the bowl and simply side off. This should be carried out at regular intervals.
Unknown Stains The safest ingredient to use on unknown stains is Eucalyptus. Dab Eucalyptus on the affected area being careful not to smear the stain.
Vaseline A little rubbed around door hinges and such is great for stopping squeaky doors.
Walls Use warm soapy water or Sugar Soap mixed in water to remove grime and marks. Do not rub too hard or use scourers, use a soft sponge or cloth only. A Mop can be used to wash high areas.
Windows Half a cup of Methylated Spirits added to a bucket of water is an excellent window cleaner.





Safety First

  • Remember to always use chemicals and cleaners as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Keep away from children and pets.
  • All cleaning solvents are flammable and must never be exposed to naked flames or electrical equipment including electric elements.
  • Always use rubber gloves and protective clothing if necessary and work in a well ventilated area to prevent inhalation of chemicals.
  • Never mix Ammonia with bleaches as this causes toxic gases.

Disclaimer: This advice is given in good faith as recommendations only, and neither The Pressure Clean Experts nor its representatives shall be held liable for the actions undertaken as a result of this advice. If you are uncertain about any situation, we recommend that you seek independent professional advice.

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