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If your lease is ending and you’re due to move into a new home, The Pressure Clean Experts offer fantastic cleaning solutions that make one of the big tasks of moving on the Sunshine Coast super-easy.

If you need to take on a sizeable cleaning job that involves the removal or cleaning of any the following areas for concern, then pressure cleaning is the safest, fastest and easiest way to master the challenge. While we know that living on the Sunshine Coast comes with significant benefits, the humid environment can often mean you need to be super vigilant about outdoor cleaning. The Pressure Clean Experts can:

  • Remove watermarks
  • De-scale swimming Pools and water-features
  • Descale concrete and pebblecrete
  • Clean roofing and guttering
  • Remove algae and moss growth
  • Clean brickwork and intricate awnings without damage
  • Safely remove debris, staining or organic growth from hard to reach places

Get Your Bond Back, Every Time.

We all know that getting the bond back when vacating a premises depends largely on how much effort you put into the cleaning of your home when your lease runs out. When the solution is affordable, effective and fast, why leave any room for error? Our pressure cleaning services include

  • 100% Environmentally friendly products
  • Kid, Pet and garden friendly, non toxic cleaning practises
  • Quiet machinery that won’t cause a fuss in your neighbourhood
  • Effortless results that can be achieved in a fraction of the time  DIY job can take
  • Beautiful results you’ll be proud of.

As it is with moving out, your new home can often require a little work to bring it up to a beautiful clean you’ll love. Real differences can be seen, even with just a few minutes of pressure cleaning to high-traffic areas like garden paths and footways, seating and recreation areas.

Professional Pressure Cleaners who do it right, every time.

As professionals in the field with over 20 years combined experience in the industry, our pressure cleaning implements are state of the art and comply to all industry standards. It takes us very little time to bring outdoor areas up to a next-to-new finish.

Calling in a professional pressure cleaner means eliminating the need for you to take on potentially dangerous DIY tasks, which is especially important if you lack any of the following:

  • Appropriate safety practises
  • Safe and effective products and implements
  • Experience in high-reach cleaning
  • Experience in thorough and effective de-scaling

When the practise of effective cleaning can save you time, money and effort, why would you consider risking your safety taking it on yourself?

If you’d like to discuss your pressure cleaning needs with our professional team, we’d love to listen and develop an obligation free quote for you. For more information about how we can bring your home up to a beautifully presented finish, please call us today.

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