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17th January 2011

Dear Sir/ Madam

In December 2010 the Whispering Springs Body Corporate engaged “The Pressure Clean
Experts” to clean common areas of our vast complex. Jeff May had quoted the job as requested broken into component tasks.

The areas included pebble aggregate driveways to all Villas and visitors allocated spaces, all paved entry areas to Villas including three rubbish hold locations. As well clean the built up mould and road tar from the gutters, and clean the total entry area.

After the aggregate driveways was completed comments & feedback from the owners was very positive on the outcome. Only this component was initially accepted by Body Corporate.

Jeff was rewarded and asked to complete all quoted tasks, which were completed in just over two day period in a professional and courteous manner to all stakeholders.
The finished product speaks for its self, and is testimony of Jeff’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Speaking on behalf of the Owners of Villas at Whispering Springs, we would recommend “The Pressure Clean Experts” and Jeff May to any person or Business wishing this service.

Yours sincerely
Karen & Graham
Managing Caretakers Whispering Springs
10 Price Lane
Buderim Q4556

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