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Outdoor cleaning, let’s face it, is a task for the fittest. All homes can benefit from the fantastic solution that pressure cleaning can provide. With an emphasis on enjoying life outside of our homes as much as indoors on the Sunshine Coast, it’s no doubt that we all share the same ideals about cleaning when we hire someone else to do it for us.

It must be:

  • Worth your money
  • Effective and Fast
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Produce the finish you are looking for

Pressure Cleaning is the safe, effective and environmentally friendly way to deal with those arduous tasks we all try to avoid-so why haven’t you tried it yet?

This article looks at just some of the reasons that Pressure cleaning is the growing preferred method of professional cleaning and maintenance around your home and in commercial properties.

Toxic Chemicals- No Match for…Water?

Outdoor cleaning of the past has included the use of chemicals with high toxicity, and at least the use of strong detergents and stripping agents. The beauty of pressure cleaning is that most times, all that is required to bring back a high level of aesthetic to your home is the power of a pressurised water , and this means far less impact on our environment, your health and the well-being of us all.

The Downside of Warm Weather Living

Living on the Sunshine Coast often presents the challenge of particularly stubborn organic growth and stains around our outdoor living areas, humidity and rain along with hot summer months make sure of this. Sometimes, a mild detergent may be used in order to complement the cleaning process, especially when removing very stubborn staining. A professional pressure cleaner always uses environmentally friendly products if any are needed at all.

State Of The Art Machinery

A professional pressure cleaner only needs a tap water source to undertake a pressure clean around your home.

Contrary to popular beliefs, pressure cleaning is quiet and unobtrusive, and is an extremely fast process and in most cases, neighbours are none the wiser.  In fact, pressure cleaning acts as an almost instant stain remover, which when compared with the hours of time it can take you to descale brickwork or wash down the exterior of your home – Pressure cleaning takes only a fraction of the time that a DIY job can mean.

So which surfaces can benefit from pressure cleaning?

If you’re considering spring-cleaning, put down the mop and bucket, because pressure cleaning can accomplish significantly difficult cleans in a blink of the eye. The removal of water marking, algae and mould along with spider webs and bird droppings are effortlessly removed in seconds with pressure cleaning, so the exterior of your home can look polished in no time.

Footpaths, walkways and brickwork are often havens for moss and algae, which make for hazardous traffic areas that people can slip on. Pressure cleaning can remove the lichen and organic growth that causes those slippery surfaces in just seconds, leaving behind and extremely safe surface that children and pets can use immediately.

Pressure Cleaning for Water Recreation Areas.

The lucky ones who live on the Sunshine Coast know full well that our water recreation areas can become hazardous if they aren’t maintained well.  Areas like boat ramps, pontoons and swimming pool areas will benefit immediately from a thorough pressure clean.

A professional pressure cleaner can strip concrete, pebblecrete and tiled areas back to new in just a few minutes, which eliminates dangers for you and allows you to enjoy those areas without stress.

Commercial industries have benefitted from professional pressure cleaning for many years, due to its cost effective and dynamic results.

 Carparks, Schools and Recreation Areas.

The scuffing and exhaust residue in carparks is easily dealt with by pressure cleaning, and graffiti is no match for the high-powered force of pressure cleaning.

Many schools and recreational areas rely on pressure cleaning to conduct regular cleans which keep those areas safe and slip-free for students and consumers.  Descaling the surfaces that deal with high traffic is essential for maintaining good safety in these areas and pressure cleaning provides the thorough solution for those concerns.

How to manage the Creepy Crawly Season

Don’t deal with the creepy crawly season armed only with insect repellent. Do you shudder to think of the freeloading insects living in and around your home? Professional pressure cleaning can deal with the removal of the webs and nests and material that attracts creepy crawlies to your home.

Quickly removing organic nests and webs, pressure cleaning eliminates those pests without the use of harsh chemicals and can significantly reduce the number of beasties that dwell around your home.

Hands- Free Bin Cleaning

Do you close your eyes and pinch your nose every time you open the rubbish bin? If you avoid looking in your wheelie bin let alone cleaning it, then pressure cleaning is for you. Bin cleans can be conducted the day your bins are emptied, so you start the week with a bin that doesn’t attract bad company- rats and mice among many other potentials. Pressure cleaning blasts out the muck and filth that settles in the bottom of your bin and it takes just seconds to bring your bin up to a hygienic standard.

Hazard- Free roof Cleaning

Pressure cleaning is the only way to thoroughly clean a roof, especially on the Sunshine Coast where weather conditions wreak havoc on your roof.

Professional pressure cleaners can safely and quickly remove the years of build-up on a weather afflicted roof, which means no hazardous cleaning for you and a roof that looks next to new without the unnecessary costs of painting or worse yet, replacing it.

Did you know that blocked gutters are the leading cause for leaking roofs? A well-maintained roof with debris free gutters can significantly reduce the likelihood of serious damage, like leaks.

Should you consider that DIY job?

If outdoor cleaning means balancing on a ladder or an area at a height with a bucket of soapy water, then don’t jeopardise your safety or waste your time. Professional pressure cleaning can eliminate the need for this balancing act, creating more time for your in your family life or more time for you as the owner of a business or recreational facility.

If you’d like to further discuss how professional pressure cleaning can give you back hours of time and eliminate hassle stress and fuss of thorough cleaning, don’t hesitate to call in the professionals today. The Pressure Clean Experts on the Sunshine Coast are able to deliver real results on any surface in need of a great clean. Call us today. 

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