Preparing for repainting-Sunshine Coast to North Brisbane

If you’re having your house repainted, a soft wash from us is probably all your painter will need. This is a thorough way to ensure that all surfaces are clean and that all old paint has been removed. Often a painter will include a house wash in the price of a re-paint. We believe that this job should be carried out by a specialist!

If you’ve decide to have your roof repainted (tile or tin) then a different approach is needed. For a Colorbond┬« roof, our high pressure rotary clean is usually sufficient to remove loose material from the roof.

For tiles however, the rotary cleaner does not remove enough loose material for and adequate clean. We need to use pressure to ensure all loose surface material and any damaged pointing (the cement that holds the ridge caps) is also removed so that your painter can re-bed the capping before painting. Unfortunately this approach takes a little longer and consequently can cost a bit more. Again you can be safe in the knowledge that a specialist pressure cleaner has properly prepared the tile surface for re-painting!