Is Sea Salt Causing Problems For Your Coastal Home Or Business?

Wall clean Sunshine Coast Before After

We recently introduced Soft-Wash to the Sunshine Coast.
This is a low pressure method for cleaning walls and roofs. 

Do you live near the coast? 

If so, then you’ll be familiar with the corrosion, mould & mildew, exterior surface staining and discolouration that airborne sea salt can cause.

  • Airborne salt damage creates a much shorter maintenance cycle for buildings located in coastal areas
  • Deterioration can often occur 5-10X faster than for non-coastal properties
  • Salt crystals build up over time damaging surfaces, destroying paint and causing staining

Reduce damage to your brickwork, walls, concrete and other surfaces with an effective pressure wash and…

Bring your building’s exterior surfaces back to life!

Roof clean Sunshine Coast Before After


*Residential or Commercial *
*Professional Compliance and Qualifications *
*EPA Compliant*
*Safety and Protection of your Property Paramount*
*Full Cleanup when Finished*


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