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The onset of the warmer months on The Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane is a great time to get started on all aspects of refreshing your home after the season turns over. Spring cleaning the exterior of your home can be an extremely satisfying task, provided it’s something that can be achieved safely, and without taking up excessive amounts of your time.

  • Lack of effective materials
  • Lack of access to high-reach areas
  • Minimal knowledge in effective cleaning practises
  • Lack of time and DIY expertise in general

Too often, the major overhaul of spring cleaning is sidelined because it requires a great deal of elbow grease. If you’d love to properly spring clean your home, but have found yourself avoiding the hard work for any of the above reasons, it’s a good idea to consider what professional pressure cleaning can do for you. Pressure cleaning will:

  • Completely remove watermarking from your home exterior
  • Safely and effectively clean rooftops and gutter drip spots
  • Remove algae moss and mould from concrete surfaces
  • Bring pebblecrete back to a near new look
  • Descale swimming pools and water features
  • And so much more

Don’t put your inspiration to spring clean on the back-burner this season. The Pressure Clean Experts can provide anyone on the Sunshine Coast with safe, effective and affordable assistance in all aspects of renewing and refreshing the exterior surfaces of your home. We work quietly, quickly and in just a fraction of the time it could take you to complete the tasks associated with cleaning your home by hand.

Environmentally safe, non-toxic products that keep everyone happy.

Professional pressure cleaning relies on the force of high-powered water to blast away unwanted dirt, grime and debris. Unlike other cleaning solutions, pressure cleaning doesn’t rely on toxic detergents or acid to descale any surface. If we do need to use an accompanying removal agent, our products are 100% safe and extremely effective. We only back environmentally friendly products that don’t compromise the health of your family, or the environment in South East Queensland. The Pressure Clean Experts only rely on products that don’t damage your garden or pollute our waterways.

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