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    Soft Washing: A Long Lasting Gentle Alternative To High Pressure Cleaning

    Soft washing is a low pressure method of cleaning exterior surfaces which is combined with the use of bio-degradable chemicals to remove mould, algae, mildew and other biological material as well as other stains without causing damage to your surfaces or plants.

    What is Soft-Washing?
    The ideal method for external cleaning.
    Soft Washing: A Long Lasting Alternative To High Pressure Cleaning


    What is Soft-Washing?

    • Relies on the use of very low pressure (under 100PSI) and appropriate chemicals to effect a clean.
    • Unlike traditional pressure cleaning, soft-washing does not abrade the surface
    • Soft washing produces a longer lasting result.
    • Soft-washing your home is like washing your car: it looks better and the surface will last longer. It also protects the value of your asset!
    • To keep your home or commercial building in top condition, we recommend and annual clean of the walls. Roof cleaning is not needed as often: in fact a thorough softwash on your roof can last up to 3 -4 years

    soft washing exterior surfaces before and after

    Key Points.

    • Chemical wash is the preferred method for tin roofs according to Bluescope Steel Australia.
    • Low impact on tile roofs and no damage to protective coating on tiles.
    • Virtually silent operation which means we won’t disturb you or your clients.
    • Application is done under very low pressure (tap pressure) so there is almost no “drift” of chemicals.
    • Soft-washing produces a longer lasting result and does not abrade the surface.
    • The Pressure Clean Experts are EPA compliant. We do not allow run-off to the stormwater system.
    • TPCE carry and use harnesses when working on roofs and we hold Safe Work at Heights qualification. (attached with quote)


    Soft Washing: The ideal method for external cleaning.

    Soft-washing is ideal in two main areas of external cleaning: roofs and walls.

    Roof Cleaning

    As discussed earlier, soft-washing is the preferred method for cleaning tin. It is also perfect for cleaning tile and terracotta roofs too. Rather than blasting away on concrete tiles, or hammering your tin roof with high pressure, consider soft-washing first. This method is much more gentle and does not damage the surface either. With tile roofs, high pressure cleaning can also cause colour loss to the tiles and it is possible to force water up under the tiles if you are using high pressure. Our soft wash roof cleaning services > 

    House Washing

    Again hitting a wall with high pressure is asking for trouble! A soft-wash low pressure clean with the appropriate chemicals is best. By applying a suitable chemical and letting it dwell, a thorough and effective clean can be achieved. This is particularly important if you live in an older house where timber windows and doors may have moved and created gaps. You don’t want a high pressure wash forcing water into your home. Go with a soft-wash for a long lasting effective clean. Our soft wash house washing services > 


    Soft Washing: A Long Lasting Alternative To High Pressure Cleaning

    High pressure cleaning is generally used clean hard surfaces. Most are aware of this traditional method and many people we meet own a small home style pressure cleaner which often sits unused in the garage! Until very recently this method was also used to clean roofs and houses.

    While there is a place for high pressure cleaning, roofs, walls, fences and decks are generally best cleaned with low pressure. 

    Soft-washing began in the USA about 25 years ago when the early pioneers discovered that the right chemicals and appropriate application method could effectively clean and sanitise most surfaces without causing damage. 

    Since then, the method of application and the ratio of chemicals has been perfected. This method is now known as soft-washing. 

    Forward looking cleaning companies are bringing this revolution in a caring wash process to Australia. We are benefiting from the experimentation done in the USA and now have effective and safe ways to tackle roof and house washing without causing the damage often associated with high pressure blasting.

    A soft-wash low pressure clean uses chemicals in a process that avoids the problems caused by simply blasting away. We have a specific mix and ratio of chemicals depending on the surface being cleaned. 

    On the other hand, rational pressure cleaning is a mechanical process that can damage the surface.  This mechanical approach is effectively duplicating the normal degradation process of your roof or walls, but because it is high pressure it as actually speeding up the deterioration. 

    Two other key advantages in using soft-wash cleaning.

    soft washing roofs before and after

    First, this process regularly produces longer-lasting results:-often up to three times longer than traditional pressure cleaning. Because the use of appropriate chemicals, often in combination, we tackle the underlying problem, such as spores, which have caused the unsightly, dirty appearance which led to the cleaning being needed. Soft-washing is often faster than a traditional high pressure clean too. For our clients this means that we are not in the way for long while we clean.

    Secondly, home or business owners who have asked a soft-wash company to clean their buildings have also regularly commented that it’s a much quieter, less invasive and noisy process. The environment also benefits, and crucially here in Australia, we use less water. 

    soft washing walls before and after

    We have purpose built equipment to complete a soft-wash. Our system uses a 12v electric pump to apply our cleaning mix at very low pressure. In fact the pressure is not much higher than the tap pressure at your property. This means there is virtually no change of damage to the surface we are cleaning. As mentioned our process is virtually silent so anyone working from home or in a business wont even know we are working.

    Giving soft-washing a chance to shine on your property

    If you want a tile roof, colorbond roof, fence, house walls, or complete property clean – or simply have a key problem area, perhaps with lichen, moss, or algae, then it’s worth investigating Soft-wash. Bluescope Steel also recommend soft-washing as the preferred method for cleaning Colorbond roofs. Using a soft-wash on a tile roof also minimises the likelihood of damage to tiles and doesn’t abrade the protective surface of the tile. It’s often likely that a longer lasting clean will be delivered, and that less damage will be caused to your property.


    Advantages of soft washing

    To find out more about how Soft-washing could be a viable alternative for your cleaning needs, contact us today.