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High and low pressure cleaning in South East Queensland

Grimy roofs are ugly and make homes look prematurely old. Cleaning your roof can remove fungus, mould and lichen growth. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you need a full, expensive roof restoration when a professional clean may be all that is needed.

Our high-pressure tools are designed to lift the most stubborn mould, stains and dirt from all types of surfaces leaving your roof looking clean and like new! We clean terracotta, tile and colorbond. It is imperative that the right level of pressure is used. Some surfaces can only tolerate lower pressures and we make sure that the right equipment and the right pressure is used.

Our rotary cleaners are made to be used on roofs in place of the lance traditionally used in roof pressure cleaning.

We spray all of the roofs that we clean with a bio-degradable anti-mould treatment which will prevent the formation of new mould for up to 12 months. This product contains no chlorine or bleach and will not harm people, pets or plants.

*We are licensed to work at heights and we carry and use the correct safety equipment when working on roofs.



There are a few factors that can affect pricing! Roof pitch (how steep!) access and type of surface all affect the price. This is why we recommend requesting a FREE quote. This way we sight your roof and provide an accurate price for you. Simply complete the form to the right and we’l be in touch!

Colorbond Gazebo clean

Commercial Roof Clean Roof cleaning with whirlaway on the Sunshine Coast QLD

SM beforeSM after

Roof cleaning at Australia Zoo

Roof cleaning at Australia Zoo


This process relies more on chemicals than direct agitation. We are currently investigating the best softwash equipment and will have this service available in late August. If softwash roof cleaning is a service you’re interested in hearing about, complete the quote request and register your interest.

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