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Car-parks suffer most obviously from the grease marks and tyre tracks left by patrons – but is it simply part and parcel of the service your car park offers, or can you eliminate the unsightly nature of these high traffic areas and bring carparks up to a highly presentable, well maintained level?

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The Pressure Cleaning Experts say Yes!

We specialise in the servicing of high traffic areas, and our equipment is designed to lift even the most stubborn and common stains with minimum fuss. Our state of the art machinery will resolve common car-park cleaning needs such as:

  • Tyre marks
  • Graffiti
  • Exhaust sediment
  • General grime

Clean Areas are Safe and Appealing areas.

Great car-parks are free from rubbish and other debris that affects the general appeal of the venue. Well-maintained footpaths and standing areas may seem difficult to consistently deal with, but we make light work of the dirt which may be detracting from the visual appeal of your car park.

Times that Suit Your Schedule

We understand that car-parks run and operate by a strict time regimen, so the Pressure Cleaning Experts are able to work with you to ensure minimum interruption to your business. Our service is:

  • Quiet
  • Discreet
  • Powerful
  • Safe

Our methods of pressure cleaning do not compromise on safety, but are developed with the most effective clean in mind. Pressure cleaning relies on the force of water to remove staining and coupled with our biodegradable chemicals which will not harm people pets or plants, you get an effective thorough clean!

Inferior services can’t compete!

Using Pressure Cleaning to manage car-park maintenance makes perfect sense. It is fast, safe, effective and affordable.

Don’t waste time or money attempting to bring your car-park up to a presentable standard by using inferior methods of cleaning. Our services can be provided at short notice and will make an instant difference.

Call us today!

Let us help you to determine exactly how The Pressure Clean Experts can manage the cleaning requirements of your car-park.


Get professional car park with The Pressure Clean Experts!

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