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The Pressure Clean Experts take the hassle out of delivering a highly professional external clean for all body corporates. Delivering a consistently high standard of cleaning that will satisfy the highest level of need, The Pressure Clean Experts can work along with the specifications of your body corporate for an impressive clean.

Both Soft-Washing (low pressure) and traditional pressure cleaning. Flat surfaces are best cleaned with traditional high pressure cleaning and for walls and roofs the preferred method is Soft-Washing.

You’ll benefit from

  • Thorough and detailed work
  • Interruption free delivery of the service
  • Timely and consistent
  • Reliable and affordable

Working with a number of body corporates to achieve these results makes us the most relied upon and professional pressure cleaning business available in the area. Our services are valued for our ability to undertake jobs in the minimum timeframe, and to carry out these tasks with the utmost attention to detail.  Both large and small cleans be be delivered for all body corporate residences and commercial buildings.


Less Effort, Better Results

If your body corporate requires the services of regular cleaning in outdoor and high traffic areas, you will find exterior cleaning from a professional company is the best way to maintain your property and protect its value. A regular service maintenance plan is offered which means you don’t need to worry about keeping your property clean: we’ll do it for you.

A professional pressure clean for::

  • Footpaths
  • Driveways
  • Pools
  • Barbecue areas
  • Tennis courts
  • General recreation areas

We use high quality equipment and the latest, effective cleaning products which are safe and dry quickly leaving all areas safe for use immediately. 


body corporate cleaning

When only the best will do, at a great prices!

Call the Pressure Clean Experts today for more information and an obligation free quote. We can arrange an inspection of your body corporate property and outline a detailed cleaning process for your specifications. The Pressure Clean Experts work toward making it simple and easy for you. Call one of our friendly team today to discuss the many benefits of choosing the safe, effective and affordable nature of external cleaning and softwashing for all body corporate surfaces.

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We keep up with new tends in exterior cleaning delivering the highest standards and as a result you can expect the best guaranteed service.  If you phone us you can expect to receive a return call within 4 hours. 

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