Brilliant House Washing

Local house washing service – low pressure soft wash technique:

  • Soft wash exterior cleaning removes insects and kills algae
  • No risk of damage with soft wash house washing

We’re confident that you keep the inside of your home clean. And like most, you probably wash your car. A thorough house wash is important too. A clean house exterior can also have a positive effect on keeping bugs and pests away.  We offer an annual service too. We’ll remind you when the exterior of your house needs to be treated again.

As well as making your home cleaner, a thorough Soft-Wash can add value to a property if you’re considering selling. 

Apart from the obvious cleaning of the walls, we also pay attention to the gutters and window screens.  We’ll also remove the spiderwebs and mud wasp nests.  

Soft -Wash house washing or high pressure ?

There are two different ways you can clean: soft-wash or high pressure.  Historically, most pressure cleaning services would high pressure wash your house.  

We use the soft-wash approach for cleaning because to be blunt, it is a more effective method and it doesn’t cause damage to the surface.

The secret to a great exterior house wash is using the right chemicals for the job, not high water pressure. High water pressure can actually damage walls. It can also spray water everywhere.

On older homes high pressure can also force water in through windows and under doors. As an experienced operator, we know which chemicals to use for each job.

Equally important is to know how close to the surface to apply these chemicals. It’s not just about throwing a whole lot of product on the surface and hoping for the best. There are a variety of surfaces used on Queensland homes: timber, brick, render, veneers, etc and each needs a slightly different approach.

The Pressure Clean Experts use professional grade cleaning products chosen specifically for particular types of cleaning tasks. The result is a better job, without harm to your home. It’s the process, not the pressure.



The Soft-Wash Process.

A Soft-wash of your home is simple. 

First we will wet all plans near the house (just in case!)

Next we apply our solution to all surfaces. This is generally done from the ground. However, if yours is a two story home, we may need to access the upper levels from your roof. We’re qualified to work at heights and always put safety first.

The next stage is to let the chemicals “dwell” on the surface so they can begin the process of cleaning.

The fourth stage is to rinse all surfaces being washed. This includes glass on windows and doors.

The final stage is to re-water any plants around the house.

We work by appointment so we won’t show up unannounced. We bring all our equipment with us, but will need to hook up to a water supply at your house. We’ll clean up after ourselves, and leave your home looking great.

You don’t need to be home when we clean. We’d like you make sure that all doors and windows are closed, and pets are kept away if possible. Depending on the size of the house, our crew is typically completed within half a day. We will let you know when we provide your quote.

Soft washing kills algae.

The Softwash Experts cleaning solution is strong enough to clean your walls and kill all existing algae. We also ensure every surface is thoroughly rinsed. This means not only the walls but all surrounding plants.

Please let us know if you have any windows or doors that leak in wet weather. While we are using only low pressure for your clean, it is helpful to know of any areas of particular concern.

Call us for an obligation free quote! We also offer roof cleaning and driveway cleaning 







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