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The Pressure Clean Experts can clean all types of walls and fences including timber, rock and rendered. Maintaining clean walls is a simple process with our ongoing maintenance program:

  • First impressions count! Improve the visual appeal of your fence/wall and property
  • Pressure clean or soft wash as appropriate for your situation and fence type
  • Removes dirt and mould
  • Great for pre-paint clean

As discussed elsewhere, there are two approaches to cleaning fences and walls: soft wash and high pressure. Both have their place and it is important that you deal with an external cleaning company that knows when to use each method. There are many different types of walls: rock, timber, block, tin etc, and each type needs the correct cleaning method.

When it is appropriate, we prefer to use the Soft-Wash method. This is  a low pressure cleaning method and solution which remove the dirt and mould build up on your fence.

This avoids any damage to the paint whilst removing all the mould spores. Perfect for a face-lift or pre-painting! Sometimes though, surfaces such as rock walls need more pressure to affect a clean. 

Fences and walls are more than just protection for your property! They are often one of the first things people see outside your property and should be kept clean. 

Feature walls such as the ones shown below are a specialty!


Check out our BEFORE and AFTER photos below:

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We keep up with new tends in exterior cleaning delivering the highest standards and as a result you can expect the best guaranteed service.  If you phone us you can expect to receive a return call within 4 hours. 

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