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If you’re concerned about sanitisation and environmental cleaning, we can help. Our Soft-Wash system delivers a solution that meets the current government guidelines for hard surface cleaning. You can read their report here:  

The Pressure Clean Experts achieve great results for all your commercial pressure cleaning and Soft-Wash needs. With an emphasis on getting the superior clean you deserve, we use the safest methods, the most effective products and we are able to do this in a time-frame that takes the hassle out of cleaning in all public areas.

We offer both traditional high pressure cleaning and our revolutionary Soft-Wash methods. Both have a place in maintaining commercial buildings and our expertise will help you decide which is the best method for your building.

Our clients tell us the most pressing concerns in commercial areas are:
  • Methods that don’t interrupt the patrons of your facility
  • Minimal time-frame on job completion
  • Cost effective measures that eliminate unnecessary cleaning expenses
  • Safe and environmentally aware practices that don’t compromise the well-being of the consumer or tenants
The Pressure Clean Experts have developed our cleaning processes around those needs, which means the specifications you give us are central to the work we do. Even the busiest and largest commercial areas can be given a thorough clean with the absolute minimum of interruptions. If your commercial areas are affected by factors such as gum stains, exhaust sediment, tire marks, grease spills, mould and scum, watermarking, moss and weeds, then The Pressure Clean Experts can provide a dramatic improvement to those areas using our 100% safe and effective methods.

State of the art machinery

Our tools and materials are updated according to the growing popularity of environmentally aware cleaning procedures. Our state of the art equipment is selected to provide the very best clean available, and this makes it possible for us to undertake commercial cleaning practices in record time.

For what is called “flat work” (paths car parks etc) traditional pressure cleaning with a high pressure machine and rotary cleaner is the preferred method.

For building walls and roofs, Soft-Wash is the right method. As with residential surfaces, you don’t want anyone “hammering” the walls or roof with high pressure. It is best to use Soft-wash and incorporate appropriate chemicals for the best results.

We also offer a maintenance program for commercial premises. This means you never need to worry about looking for someone to keep your building clean. We’ll let you know when you’re due for a maintenance clean.

Our services include shopping centres, car parks schools and multiple dwelling Body Corporate cleaning, tennis courts and netball courts.

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We keep up with new tends in exterior cleaning delivering the highest standards and as a result you can expect the best guaranteed service.  If you phone us you can expect to receive a return call within 4 hours. 

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