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The Pressure Clean Experts Owner- Jeff May

External Cleaning- Sunshine Coast 

Who are The Pressure Clean Experts Sunshine Coast? Eight years ago I cleaned my roof at home using a small electric pressure cleaner. It took 3 days and I was worried about safety using electricity and water together!  There had to be a better way to do it and I figured if I could find out what that was, other people might be interested too! If you’re like me, you want your home to look great. That’s what we’re about.

Eight years ago high pressure cleaning/water blasting was the only option. While it is still used for flat surfaces like driveways, Soft-Washing is the preferred method for roofs, houses, walls and fences. 

We provide professional residential and commercial exterior cleaning and take environmental responsibility very seriously. We comply with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) requirements for NO discharge to the stormwater system.




You’ll enjoy:

  • Safety without compromise
  • Great results with minimum interruption
  • Relief from back breaking and potentially hazardous DIY work

Professional compliance & qualifications certificates:

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We love to see satisfied clients thrilled by the results that a professional pressure clean can provide in residential, commercial and general living areas.