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Leave the eaves to the the pros: the hazards of DIY roof cleaning

Like dirty clothes, no one enjoys a dirty roof. It’s not just the house proud among us; a mouldy roof is simply not attractive. And it’s not just visual either, as the grime on terracotta tiles or colourbond roofs can hide damage lurking beneath.

Considering how much we loathe the eyesore of a dirty roof, it’s tempting to climb a ladder with a scrubbing brush and a little elbow grease and get to work, isn’t it? Don’t be so hasty though, DIY roof cleaning is more hazardous than you may realise.

Personal injury

How many times have you climbed a ladder in the past six months? It’s a unique movement littered with risk if you’re aren’t used to the process. A simple distraction can cause unsteadiness which could lead to much worse injuries. What’s more, climbing the ladder is just the beginning.

Slips and falls are one of the main risks when contemplating cleaning your own roof. As if mouldy and dirty tiles or colourbond isn’t slippery enough, wait until you add water use to the mix.

Roof damage

Your own safety isn’t the only thing at risk of damage; your dirty, but otherwise functional roof could easily be damaged by an inexperienced roof cleaner. Heavy hands can dislodge a tile or two and using an incorrect cleaning product could remove both the mould and the roof’s colour. Mould removal is quite an involved process if done correctly.

Scrubbing the visual mould off is the first step but mould treatment is an often overlooked process and one that prevents mould returning to your roof. Mould; that’s the last thing you want to see return to your freshly cleaned roof.

So what should you do with a dirty roof? We suggest to leave the eaves (and the rest of the roof) to professional cleaners. They’ll have the appropriate insurances and safety measures in place, you’ll keep your weekends free and, most importantly, you’ll be happier with the final result.

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