The Pressure Clean Experts provide both Soft-Washing and Traditional Pressure Cleaning Services.

Here is what we offer:

Roof cleaning: Keeping your roof clean is a simple and affordable process.  There are a couple of ways that a roof can be cleaned! The old way which causes damage to the surface is to use high pressure cleaning. The Pressure Clean Experts use a much more effective and safer method: Soft-Washing. This process makes use of chemicals to thoroughly clean the surface for a longer lasting finish . Soft-Washing doesn’t damage the surface so it’s better for your roof.

House Washing: Along with the inside of your home, the outside should be kept clean too!Using the latest technology, TPCE will Soft-wash your home with low pressure. This approach is much better for the walls of your home and is particularly effective in removing mould and spiderwebs.

Driveway cleaning: Make sure your driveway is not slippery.Tradtional pressure cleaning is still the best method for cleaning your driveway. As you’d expect, The Pressure Clean Experts has top quality, commercial equipment to make sure that your driveway and other flat surfaces are brought up to the highest standard.

Driveway Sealing: Protect your concrete surfaces with a complete clean & seal. While sealing a driveway will not prevent the return of mould and dirt, it will make your maintenance cleaning much easier.

Fence & Wall cleaning Walls and fences are often a feature that get covered in mould! It’s a simple matter to put this right for you! Depending on the structure, we may need to do a traditional pressure clean. In most cases however, you can expect to see a great result with Soft-wash.

Deck & Pergola Cleaning:Your entertainment areas can also benefit form a thorough clean.  Most of us spend many hours entertaining in our outdoor areas. Your pergola roof is likely to be stained with mould and mud wasps! These can be safely and effectively removed with our Soft-Wash process.

Repainting: Preparing a roof or house needs a special process. We can help


Get professional pressure cleaning and soft-wash with The Pressure Clean Experts!